08 March 2015

Work therapy? Wait-- what?

There's too much going on that's up in the air right now-- school, work, where am I headed, where should I be headed, what's next, what should be next. Right now there are no real answers, certainly there are no easy answers. Sometimes it seems there are no answers at all.

I've been working with the Vet Center again for a while now, trying to sort some of these things out. Part of it is recovering from being homeless, part of it is recovering from being in (and being evicted from) transitional housing. Mostly it's "what the fuck do I do now?" while all of the derailed train cars that make up my life finally come to a stop.


One of the things I'd asked about at the Vet Center was for help dealing with work and PTSD. I like my job and where Inwork, and they've always been accommodating when needed, but I can't do this job forever. I'm a hacker, I want to write software. That means either I find a way to take on that kind of responsibility where I am, or I look for something new. In either case, PTSD is something I have to account for and something I will likely need some accommodations for. I don't have much  experience asking for accommodations in the workplace.

Vet Center refered me to the local "Hire a Vet" guy, who wouldn't give me the time of day if I wasn't either homeless or in transitional housing. It should be noted that during my entire time in both states, no one ever mentioned that there was  employment transition assistance. Might have been nice to know about. 

Anyway, it turns out there is such a thing, and there are several programs under the term "Compensated Work Therapy" that give Vets a chance to get used to a real workplace with support for managing disabilities including PTSD. 

So I have something to investigate this week, while I'm trying not to be upset that no one ever mentioned this to me before.  I'm not even sure if I qualify, I have to talk to VA Hospital Mental Health (who never mentioned it before either).


I'm still waiting for someone at the VA to do something about my prescription meds. Tl;dr if I take any of my pills, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be throwing up within about 30 minutes. 

My regular psychiatrist will be back in May, so it might take until then to talk to someone about getting me back on my regular psych meds. I almost don't want to be back on them-- I'd love to say I don't need them, but it's just not true. The question is how do I safely get back on them at the right doses.


I did, finally, get in for a retinal screening at the VA. I'm diabetic, so that gets me seen at the eye clinic. Those guys are at least paying attention, but hopefully they'll not schedule me for anything early in the morning. Still working on convincing the VA that I'm on hacker hours and generally not alive before 10am.

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