01 November 2014

California Dreamin'

Time flies. October went by, as many months do, really really fast. The rent is paid though, as are the other bills, and I'm headed to LA next weekend for HackSC at USC. Someday I expect I'll head west and stay there-- I'm going to finish school, eventually, and get a job. It's beautiful where I am, but there are a lot of memories here. I am increasingly all right with leaving them behind.

The onset of fall/winter in the Great Lakes  is a pretty strong motivating factor, too.

I am slowly getting life put back together. Most of my stuff is still in storage, but I'm working on getting access to a car. Easy way: rent a truck and do it all at once. Harder way: take lots of trips with a Prius.  Moving sucks. Far too many bad memories. So a little at a time might be the better way for now.

I feel better, sometimes. Lots less stress. Slowly beginning to get used to having an apartment without worrying about being evicted tomorrow. The past two years took a pretty heavy toll on me, there's some healing that has to happen.
I still flip off the surveillance cameras whenever I pass Porchlight where I used to live. Passive aggressive? Yeah. Harmless though, and doesn't cause anyone any damage or harm.

Hugely looking forward to HackSC next weekend. I have a secret project in mind, something that as far as I know, no one has tried before. Won't know for sure if it works properly until I build it, but it'll be very cool if it does. Hacking is what makes me tick, and hackathons are the best therapy ever.

It feels strange still to say that I'm doing ok. Not doing great or fantastic, and not high on life just yet. Headed in that direction though. Headed west someday, too. Maybe it's all the same direction.

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