16 October 2014

What is it with landlords being assholes?

It appears I'm now feuding with my landlord. I know I'm ranting, but fuck this. Apparently I'm supposed to answer the phone no-matter-fucking-what when he calls. News flash, buddy-- I live a 60 hour week. I'm in classes, I have a job. Anything related to housing is just as much a PTSD trigger as hearing "Scud Alert" over a loudspeaker. I lived on the fucking street on and off for two years before I got this apartment, and my biggest fear right now is that I'm going to lose it right before winter arrives. (There's no way in hell I'm going back to Porchlight.)

I generally don't answer my phone if I'm at work or studying. I also don't answer if I don't recognize the number (ie, it's not in my contacts list). It's nothing personal. Leave a voicemail. Send me a text message. Send me an email. Tweet me. Facebook message me. Tell me what you want from me and why you called. Calling me three times in a day, and leaving me three voicemails demanding that I call you right back? What the hell is that? Who does business and treats their customers that way?

From the latest voicemail, this morning: "We don't discuss the kinds of issues using voicemail". What kind of issues? If you can leave me three voicemails in a day telling me how ridiculous you think it is that I'm not answering, and how you feel I'm irresponsible for not calling when you think I should, what issue is there that's too sensitive for voicemail?

This whole rant isn't me. It's not who I am. I can work with dam near anybody as long as there's a middle ground, and there always is. I hate hate HATE feeling like this, which makes me feel even worse. I've been up all night because I'm so triggered over this. 

Back in the day, my Dad lived in an apartment where he was also the on-site manager/maintenance guy. If he had EVER talked to a tenant like my landlord is talking to me, my Dad (and I) would have been looking for a new place to live. 

If I ever talked to a help desk customer and said "I won't tell you what to do to fix your computer unless you call me at a specific time. I won't leave the information on your voicemail, and no WAY am I going to email it to you!" how long would I be employed? As many seconds as it would take for the boss to tell me to GTFO.

It would be all right if my landlord and I were on friendly terms. I'd like that, but I don't expect it. I really don't need this shit right now, or ever. I pay you money. You let me live in this apartment. If I don't pay you on time or I don't pay you enough, then yes you can ask me where your money is and when you can expect to get it. If I'm doing something stupid like growing pot plants in my apartment (for the record, I am not) that violates my lease, yes you can be upset.

That doesn't relieve you as a landlord of being respectful towards the people who make your nice life possible. 

I can't just go on to the next place to live though. I'm trying to stabilize my life, which has been for the most part pretty chaotic the past couple of years. No one else would rent to me two months ago, and no one else will rent to me now. So I'm stuck.

That doesn't mean I'm going to settle for being disrespected.

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