15 August 2014

Just say yes already

I'm working with the Vet Center here to try to straighten things out-- find a stable place to live, keep plugging away at classes one or two at a time, things like that. Trying to stay positive. Keep things simple and manageable, so life isn't the insanity that it has been.

Talking to the VA's homeless program office here (again) is an option that my person at the Vet Center suggested I explore. It's not going to happen. The person that runs the VA homeless program here is the same person that thought nothing of not following up with me after I was evicted from Porchlight. She knew I'd been evicted. She didn't care-- not her problem. 

This is the same VA that says it's going to end veterans being homeless by 2015.

I don't see the VA's approach to ending homelessness as a stable option. I tried the program, the system, whatever they want to call it. I still ended up sleeping on the street. 

Time to do it my way.

I'm actually only one step from having a normal place to live again. I've left a couple of voicemails with the place where I put down a deposit. This is crunch time for landlords- leases around campus end and begin this week, so it's a clusterfuck of people moving in and out. I know they're busy, so I'm trying to be patient.

I really don't have much of a choice. Today is one of the worst possible days of the year to need a new place to live.

By the way-- college. I have to fork over a few bucks to get a hold cleared today. That will allow me to finally finally get registered and into a class or two this fall. Spanish III definitely, and maybe one more--  but that stability thing is a factor, and the plan is to put together a full year/two semesters of things working out ok. For that reason it will probably only be the one class.

Small steps.

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