19 July 2014

Retired? Um....

My person at the Vet Center calls me "retired". Which is actually pretty true right now-- I am working, but not that many hours a week. I stay up late hacking, get up usually by the time the fifth alarm starts up, get cleaned up and dressed, and then I don't have much on my schedule. I do get out of my apartment every day (which is an improvement for me), head over to computer sciences, and work on things. Summer is pretty relaxed here anyway, and I am adjusting to that just fine, thankyouverymuch. Still, hackers gotta hack.

Some of what I'm doing is merging code from past hackathons into actual projects. Learning new things, refactoring old code, wondering what the fuck I was thinking when I wrote that one function. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm slowly learning Swift, and patting myself on the back for taking the time to learn Scheme last summer. I'm also spending time with Javascript. I was there for Web .05 and up. Good old days? Pffft. Hand me another cup of ajax. I can do shit now that was impossible a few years ago (or at least, a real pain in the ass). Adapt or be eaten.

I won't go into too much detail on this-- it's really not a personal grudge anymore, it's just me trying to survive-- I talked to my Senator's office a while back about my experience with Porchlight, and the VA's Homeless Program. My account with Porchlight is settled. They have their money, so my Senator has been helping by talking to Porchlight. Hopefully now they'll say "we had some financial differences, but he paid his account in full and we're even now" instead of "oh yeah, we had to evict him because he refused to pay his rent".  I'm trying to apply for new apartments, so them saying the right thing can make a big difference. Many of the landlords around campus are willing to work with a potential tenant, but not if you owe money to any other landlords.

Number one priority is finding a new place to live. This week I'm going to fire off applications at every rental company I can find that has apartments available near campus. Spray and pray. Eventually one of them has to say yes, right? I went to check one place out on Thursday that I really liked. It's a little farther away, about a 25 minute walk in summer, and about a 12 minute bus ride. Awesome neighborhood, downtown, close to everything. Hoping they say yes.

I like the neighborhood I'm in now. I'm a block from work and classes, downtown isn't far away depending on your definition of downtown, and I know where stuff is. Honestly though, my current neighborhood has a lot of memories attached, most of them memories I'd like to just forget. A change of scenery might turn out to be a good thing.

I am also one of the people planning a hackathon here next spring. I might be wondering what I've gotten myself into before too long, but it's important to me. I've gone to a good number of hackathons in the past year, so it's nice to have the chance to host a hackathon here and give something back. (Getting involved in hackathons does a world of good for my mental health. If I'm hacking, I'm happy.)

Swift, I hear you calling.  #hackcity

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