13 March 2014

Case Manager #2, you're fired

Tomorrow is Thursday, so I'm supposed to have my weekly meeting with Case Manager. Thus is the same CM that called me a lair yesterday and gave me the talk to the hand treatment. I looked back at my schedule last week, and when I knocked on her door last Thursday, I was actually early-- it was just before my Thursday afternoon class. I had a midterm that night, so I needed time later in the day before taking the exam.

There's a camera that looks down the hall towards CM's office. So I'm on film going to her office, knocking on the door, and leaving a message.

Last Thursday I was facing a midterm, plus a very soon eviction hearing plus another midterm. That's on top of my normal school and work schedule, study time, and all of the normal stuff I have to do every day just to keep going. Oh, and #PTSD, too.

And then you tell me I'm a liar and I was never at your office? 

Excuse me? Did I hear you right?


I'm still obligated to meet with CM every week while I live here. I'll meet the requirements. Look to CM for help? No, not anymore. Yup, things are going fine. Goals? Yeah sure. Kthxbai.

Of course, CM will be "documenting" these events. That's how social work is, right? Document, document, document.

Document this: whatever CM needed to talk to me about, I haven't received an email, phone call, or any other type of communication from CM. Nothing.

Note to social work prifessionals: this is an example of how to completely lose the trust and respect of the people you are trying to help.

When you're sitting around trying to figure out why some homeless people don't want to come in from the street, the way I've been treated here is a good example.

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