13 January 2014

Quick Housing and Financial Aid Update

Rent seems to be under control now,  finally. Rent wasn't taken from my account for January, so I paid by check. Simple. I like simple.

I'm still being nagged about financial aid-- I had to fill out a statement of income after a year in vets house, and financial aid for education is considered "income". I do get tuition accounted for through my state, so I marked yes and added "Wisconsin GI Bill" in the comments. I've discovered that covering one's ass in transitional housing is rather essential, so just in case someone wondered how I was paying for college, there would be a documented answer. Powers that be should know about the WI GI Bill, or at least Google it if they don't.

They don't, they didn't, and now they're on my ass about how much money I'm getting. NONE. NADA. ZIP. ZERO.

I am, however, shaking trees for scholarships and grants for education expenses. If I scrape together too much money, I might income level myself out of being eligible for transitional housing.


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