01 December 2013

The week after a break seems to always be the hardest...

I've spent most of Thanksgiving break working. Most places I go around campus are closed, I don't want to hang around vets house, and I can honestly use the extra money.

This next week is going to be a shitstorm.

Tomorrow is the day of the preinspection inspection at vets house. My room is cleaner than it was, but it still needs some work to be inspection ready. Since the staff here has been going apeshit about this inspection I expect that I'll have someone knocking on my door tomorrow.  At this point, my room needing cleaning is news to absolutely no one, so I am hoping they will wait until I am awake, dressed, and someplace else before they knock on my door.

Do I think that will happen? Hell no. I expect that I'll have to tell someone to go the fuck away. I'm done being nice. This riding my ass about my room shit has been going on since September. I'm not sorry if my room makes vets house fail the inspection.

First-- don't offer me a deal that there's no way I can ever accept (like this one). Second, don't promise you're going to help me if you're not going to deliver and you're just going to trigger me by waking me up and being all apeshit about it. I'm not your bitch. I'm a veteran, and I'm your customer. (Oh, and there's still only one washer/dryer working and that one sucks, so don't bitch about me having dirty clothes.)


This week I also have an appointment with my Prolonged Exposure therapist at the VA (treatment for PTSD from Desert Shield/Desert Storm), an appointment with the Vet Center (behavioral adjustment, making positive changes), and my regular coping-with-all-of-this-shit therapist at the VA, and an every two weeks house meeting, and a meeting with Case Manager.

Oh wait, I also have to talk to my advisor, check with an advisor from my major, and meet for a followup with the Dean at school to make sure all is in alignment for spring semester.

I'm also working three nights this week.

I also have lectures and homework to work on. Not for grades, but still counts.

I can handle the therapy, and the school related meetings, and work and homework. All of these are pieces of the puzzle. They all relate to me being back in school and in general making my life better. These are things that I want to do, things that matter to me.

Me, me, me, right? Well, who else is going to make my life better if I don't do it?



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