05 December 2013

The Room Cleaning Saga is OVER

Yesterday, maid person cleaned my room. She actually did a good job getting imy room looking good, but...

ALL of the personal papers that I had placed in various stacks on the floor are gone. I'm guessing she just took a trash bag and shoveled everything in.

Part of me is totally pissed off. What the fuck? Didn't anyone think those papers were important? They must be out to get me.

Err... No.  

The maid really did do a good job.

My room being clean was something I was working on in therapy. I would have got it done, slowly and eventually. Now it is done, so the task becomes keeping it that way. So the plan in therapy adjusts as well.

The room cleaning saga of 2013 is over. Maybe in the end it's better this way, but I'd sure like to have a few of the sleepless nights back.

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