30 November 2013

The Room Cleaning Saga of 2013 continues...

The room cleaning saga continues.

On Tuesday afternoon, Case Manager gave me a work order to sign that requests that Porchlight Maintenance come and clean my room. Of course, that meant that I didn't sleep well Tuesday night, as I was worried that PM would ignore the note about me being asleep in the morning and showing up and cleaning anyway.

They've walked into my room and started working while I was sleeping before, so there is a precedent.

Wednesday came and went. No cleaning crew. Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, so no crew expected then, and today no one showed up either. I highly doubt they'll show up on the weekend, so that pushes any cleaning until at least Monday morning, aka December 2.

A few things to note about all of this room cleaning bullshit:

  • I'm doing some behavioral adjustment work/therapy with the Vet Center here, which is also part of my support network for when I'm back in classes. Last appointment we talked specifically about the measurable steps I can take to get the damn room clean. It's hard to stay on track with that when I'm worrying about when PM is going to show up unannounced.
  • I'm also losing sleep over this bullshit, which makes working on maintaining a sleep schedule more difficult than it already is. I'm doing some additional behavioral adjustment work/therapy with a therapist at the VA Hospital, which includes sleep as a basis for keeping everything else running smoothly.
  • I don't trust Porchlight. First they threaten to charge me $15/hour for a cleaning crew every week for a month or I get evicted, then they say no, we'll help you by cleaning your room for you, then they dick around until three days before the VA comes to visit and inspect. This has been going on for a month now.
  • I am working on getting things straightened up, but it takes time. If this were an easy task for me I would have had it done a long time ago, but it isn't and so I'm doing the best I can.


I still don't know how much my rent actually is, and so I have no written agreement in place with Porchlight to get caught up with rent. I have made it a point to mention to both CM and PM that without knowing what amount will be taken from my account, I cannot set up anything resembling a budget. If Porchlight can't figure it out, they just pull the maximum they can ($350.00).

So that's something else that keeps me up at night.

Being homeless and broke has played hell with my credit rating. If Porchlight overdraws my account, I could lose my checking account and not be able to get another one.

I'm waiting for them to say I need a "payee", meaning someone that gets my entire check and handles paying my bills for me-- but I'm going to say no to that idea. If Porchlight isn't capable of calculating my rent, then they need to talk to Case Manager, who will talk to me, and it'll get figured out.

I should note that Rent Person will be visiting vets house to "work out rent issues" every two weeks at 0900ish. So maybe they are trying, but as I work nights and don't get to bed until 0300 or 0400, that doesn't help me a whole lot.


Once classes start in January, I'm going to be a whole lot less tolerant of bullshit related to VA Transitional Housing. I will not let tickytack bullshit get in the way of me graduating from college.

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