18 September 2013

Classes, kinda.

Last week I got a lot done, I thought. Not everything I needed to do, but I claim victory for the amount of school related work I got done. I'm taking online classes from MIT OpenCourseWare; they're self paced, and for no credit, but I'm doing the work for a number of reasons.

One, it's something productive to do before next semester. I'm taking classes that relate to computer science, so I am really learning something. There are a few details that I missed getting to where I am now, and these online classes have already filled in some of those blanks.

Two, I've finally decided that PTSD and its associated bullshit symptoms are not going to disappear, at least not right now. I will learn how to deal with PTSD while I'm in classes, while I'm studying, and while I take exams-- I have to get this right. So I'm doing my best to keep to the schedule on the syllabi, using what I know works, plus keeping notes when things go wrong.

Kinda like right now, when I feel like crap and haven't been able to be very productive for a few days. Writing this is a tool I'm using to refocus, get my head back in the game.  There's been some shit going down in vets house that's derailed me lately.

What does work?

  • Being somewhere quiet. Really quiet.
  • Having an extended (think several hours) period of time to work.
  • A regular sleep schedule. Still a work in progress though.
  • Taking better notes; I'm trying out the Cornell Note-Taking System [PDF], along with my Livescribe pen.
  • Eliminating distractions. I use full screen mode as much as possible on my laptop. iOS has a Do Not Disturb feature that only lets certain calls through. I keep my chat clients closed. No Facebook. No checking the weather. Etc.
I'll try to document the successes and failures as I go along.

(Cue Bon Jovi's It's My Life.)

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