15 July 2013

If it's not an emergency, don't knock. How hard is this?

I woke up this morning at 0630 to someone rapidly pounding on my door. There are very few reasons that anyone should ever knock on my door, all of which involve something being wrong. People who know me don't randomly stop by and say hi, because I've told them that unexpected knocks or buzzers or bells trigger my PTSD. Friends call ahead.

I make it a point to let anyone in vets house who will listen know that I work nights, and as a result I am asleep in the morning. It's not a hard concept to understand- don't knock on my door, especially when I am likely to be asleep. If I even hear you, I will be disoriented and confused when I wake up. Friends know better, therefore you are not a friend and I will respond to you accordingly.

At the very least, you will be told to fuck off and die. Consider yourself lucky I'm not a violent person.

Continuing to knock on my door after I've told you to fuck off and die is an escalation of the situation. You had better have a damn good reason waiting  when I figure out where the door is and get it open. Keep it simple. "Russia just launched 1,000 ICBMs at America" is an acceptable reason to wake me up.

Water dripping on your head on the next floor down is not an acceptable reason. I might manage (as I did today) to look around my room, see no water either running or on the floor, relay that to you, and tell you to fuck off and go away (again).

No water in my room, water in yours, not an acceptable reason to wake me up again. I did my part. Call fucking maintenance.

Of course, I'm awake now, shaking like a leaf because you invaded my space and my sleep unannounced. I'm in full on triggered mode by this point. Adrenaline all the way up to here.

That's when the maintenance guy shows up and says something about an emergency after loudly and rapidly knocking on my door. Maintenance guy, you are not coming in my room. You are the same pervert that thought it was okay to work in my room while I was lying naked on my bed asleep.

Fuck off and die. Try the next room. You did hear that there is no water in my room, right? No reason for you to be in here. Bye.

It's a shared bathroom. The door on the other side is locked. Maintenance guy tests the limits of my medication again, wants me to unlock the door. Fine.

Who ever heard of a maintenance guy who can't unlock a bathroom door?

The toilet is plugged. Maintenance never fixed the part that shuts off the water after a flush (reported Nov 2012). This is the emergency? A stopped up toilet? A turd that didn't quite make it to turd heaven. 

Fuck off and die. Let me sleep. Please.

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