15 December 2012

What day is it again........?

I haven't posted in a while. Time flies, literally... I can't tell you how I spent a lot of the time in the past couple of weeks, other than to say I went to work and had trouble sleeping several nights. All of the things I need to work on fixing, that I set goals for around the last time I posted, are still goals. I haven't touched most of them. Time flies, but it stands still too. The difference between November 27th and now? None.

I got a lot of practice in my four years of active duty, keeping my head down and working instead of worrying about what time or day or month it was. In Turkey, I started with somewhat normal shifts, but soon moved to 12-hour rotating shifts. I also learned about the short timer's calendar, a calendar with the number of days you have left in your tour-- every day you cross one off. You're a short timer when you can start turning gear in and going to the endless stream of appointments necessary to move from one base to another. A fifteen month tour seems like it will be endless when it starts, but you keep marking days off and keep going. Eventually, you go back to the states or you go some other country. Maybe you elect to stay. Probably not.

I came back to the states for a few weeks, then went back to the middle east. Yes, I started another short timer's calendar; I had a return to CONUS date on my orders. Silly airman. They just put that ton deployment orders so you can think you're going to be a short timer someday. In reality you're there until the mission is completed, or there's a rotation plan, or you need to go to a hospital.

Time since the Desert has always been that way. Those events could have happened yesterday.

This is one of the reasons I have trouble with classes. If I don't do well on an assignment, I get stressed. Then I get triggered. Then it's two weeks later and I haven't gone to ask for help and it's midterm time.

And I'm screwed.

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