30 December 2012

Christmas. Ugh.

This time of year sucks for me, although this year it seems a little better. Being single helps, as does being around other vets. Single, because I didn't have to go anywhere for Christmas. I'm still not quite ready to deal with someone's family all at once. Being around other vets makes a difference because most of the vets in the house aren't so big on Christmas either.

I usually don't buy gifts for other people. I usually can't afford things for me, much less gifts for everyone else. In return, I don't ask for gifts. There is a group of people around the community that donate gifts for homeless veterans; I received a hat (Carhartt!), a pair of gloves, and a scarf that is actually long enough to be useful. These are things I needed, as it is butt cold in Wisconsin at this time of year.

I think a lot (sometimes) about how I'm doing. I hate doing that, because my brain always finds reasons to report that I'm not doing so well. Things that need to get done concerning money and school that aren't done yet always top the list. I'm working on not spending so much time thinking about how I'm doing, and instead just going and doing. Most people are trying ways to get more organized. I'm trying to get less organized, but still get done what I need to get done.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I hate feeling like this.

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