21 October 2012

Two nights no sleep. One was on purpose.

Last night I didn't get any sleep, even though I damn near fell asleep at work last night. So yeah, this morning I'm feeling rough. My car won't start because the battery needs to be jumped. It's been cold and damp at night, so my blankets and such were cold and damp. Ugh. I watched a movie on my phone, which gave me something to keep my brain occupied until morning.

There's an unofficial breakfast club at McDonalds after they open at 0600. We all look pretty rough today.

Friday night I was up all night at a Facebook Hackathon- a gathering of computer science and engineering students who work to complete software projects within 24 hours. Facebook provides motivation, food, soda, and coffee.

I had to work Friday night, so I didn't get to join in until 0100. Participants form teams, but since I was jumping into the middle I worked on a project on my own. I really enjoyed the experience, although towards the end I felt myself getting anxious.

Squeezing an overnight hacking session between nine hour shifts at work was probably overdoing it a bit.

Once the sun gets a chance to warm things up, I'm headed back to the car to get some sleep.

Untl then, people need to keep some distance. I feel kinda strung out.


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