11 October 2012

Positive housing news, deserts, and drinkin'

The. person who runs the transitional housing program (the agency person) I'm signed up for called to let me know I've made it to the top of the waiting list. It looks like I'll be getting a place to live, although some administrative stuff has to happen first. Much of that, I think, has to do with verifying that I am and have been clean and sober. Good thing I'm both.

Honestly, If I wasn't I never would have made it this far. I am lucky- growing up I never saw either of my parents drunk. Not ever. I've learned some lessons about alcohol on my own though, too.

But a shot or two of good Irish whiskey might help get rid of this cold I've had for a few days now. Or not Sigh.

I haven't been having nightmares a lot lately- I haven't been sleeping much either- but last night I got some extra sleep and a nightmare hit me pretty hard. Ugggh. Hopefully my brain has worked that particular stuff out now. Nightmares make me want to be alone for a while when I wake up... which isn't always the right thing to be.

I haven't been very productive today. That often happens after nightmares, it takes my brain time to sort out whatever it had sorted out while I was asleep. Being sick doesn't help either. Days like this can play hell with classes and assignments-- it's hard to get any homework or reading done, so by the next day I'm behind in everything. A day behind around here makes things hard if I can't catch up right away.

I've seen bits and pieces of CNN lately too. Syria is in chaos it seems, Turkey is pissed off, them there's Iran and who knows who else involved...makes it so easy to get caught up in all of it, and have it start setting off triggers. I always feel as though one if these days a "big" war will start...

...I could go on like that for hours, but I've learned that doing so just makes things bad for me. Kinda like drinkin' used to do.

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