01 October 2012

For feeling like crap...

Yesterday: went to bed early (for me). Woke up several times, once because a cop was tapping on my window. Ack! He asked if I was taking a nap and if I was ok- I was and I was- so he went on doing whatever he was doing. I was asleep before he got back to his car, I think.

Not sure what he thought, if anything, but I wasn't bothered last night.


Since I was asleep all day/night yesterday, I missed an entire days worth of meds. Today I've just tried to stay busy, and not worry about much. I had the shakes for a while earlier today.

I'm still tired and out of sorts. Not much on my task list got done, much less looked at today. Tomorrow's another day, right?


Other than feeling like crap while my meds balance my brain, I'm making some overall progress. I've been spending most of each day in one of the technology labs surrounded by other hackers. When I'm involved in a programming project, the rest of the world disappears. This is what makes me happy.

I've even been publishing code that I've written- if you are so inclined, you can check it out at .

Programming makes the demons and voices go away.

Writing code does not solve all of my problems. I still have a lot to work on, normal life stuff like making sure bills are paid and laundry gets done. Assignments get handed in, tests get taken, my butt makes it to class once spring semester starts.


I don't tell people I'm sleeping in my car. When I leave the parking lot, I'm just another guy humping a backpack with earbuds in my ears.

A guy who's a pretty good programmer, by the way.

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