13 September 2012

Mixed bag of treats. Some coconut.

I finally, finally found the post office that delivers to my old apartment and picked up my mail today. I'd had sense enough to call in my prescriptions and put in a mail hold order before bugging out of my old place. I needed those meds because I'd run out but I didn't want to look at the bills and eviction stuff. Turns out that my landlord didn't show up at the eviction hearing, and so the case was dismissed. My landlord did nail me on my security deposit, which I expected. The biggest expense was that I didn't turn my keys in, so stuff had to be rekeyed. I couldn't bring myself to take the keys in, even to just drop them in the rent drop. Trying to forget that apartment as quickly as I can.

The mail also brought a letter rejecting my PTSD disability claim from the VA. That wasn't unexpected either, and I'm going to appeal the decision. More to that than I can explain here.

Credit where credit is due: ~four months from filing a new VA C&P claim to getting a decision letter.

I'm headed to talk to my/an advisor today to get back into classes-- place to live or no place to live.

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