06 September 2012

Other than being homeless...

I finally managed to get a storage unit and get my stuff moved in and stored there, although it took forever to get it done. Not having money meant that I couldn't rent a van or pay for a storage unit. My pay at work finally got figured out, so things could move a little from there. Still, I ended up having the van two extra days and putting on too many miles. It felt good to drive though. My car's battery had died, so I'd been without transportation.

Moving my stuff from an hour away (where a friend was keeping it for me) took far longer than I expected because I got lost on the way there. My phone is disconnected, so I didn't have google maps as a guide. The overall result was that I was way late to work.

My boss had recognized that something was wrong- my attendance at work has always been pretty good- and so we sat down to talk about things.. I was surprised that he offered to help in any way he could, with flexible hours, and use of the his office for phone calls if needed. When I asked about a jump for my car, within the hour my car had been jump started and was running ok again.

He also told me about a department on campus that assists employees with problems outside of work. The same night he'd printed a list of resources that I might find helpful. Honestly, no other boss in the twenty years since my ETS has done that.

So I contacted that campus department, and I have an appointment to see a counselor there tomorrow afternoon.

Night before last I didn't sleep at all, so yesterday was interesting. I did spend some time in a library though, and I have managed to get my schedule and a task list in order. I (finally) made it to a laundromat to get some laundry done, so today I'm in clean clothes. Last night, I was out as soon as I'd got home.

A word about "home"-- home is my car, strategically parked in a ramp near where I work. So far, either no one has noticed me sleeping in my car or they have not been worried enough to say anything about it. Between being able to put stuff up in the storage unit and getting laundry done, the inside of my car doesn't look too bad-- maybe that helps.

Paperwork that will get me back into classes is working its way through the system. Hoping to be in class this week yet, or maybe next week. Nothing official yet. Much needs to happen.

So, other than me being homeless and not being enrolled in classes yet, things are actually okay for the moment. Like the weather, conditions change often, but right now is all right.

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