15 August 2012

At loose ends. Keeping on anyway.

Somewhere around 0300 I took the last armload of my belongings down to the car. I left my former place locked, and still containing some of my stuff. I left some of my furniture behind-- bookshelves, a tv stand. These were things that I still had from when I was married. Considering my library, bookshelves are useful. They also had unnecessary ties to the past though, and I'm trying to gradually eliminate those.

They wouldn't fit in the truck, either.

I could have slept in the car, but I decided to try to find a room. Everyone else was homeless last night too, so I had trouble finding one. It didn't matter, really. My credit card is maxed out from the last time I moved. Looking gave me something to do until daylight. I was (and still am) too keyed up to try to sleep.

Now, I'm nursing a cup of coffee in one of my favorite coffeehouses. I still don't have any money, but I found the gift certificates I received two years ago- enough left for a coffee, a bismarck, and a cheese danish. Later this morning I'll be getting some funds wired in from family (yay food!!!) and that will help. Next week I'll get paid. for the past two months at work, and that will get things closer to balanced.

Later today, I'll hopefully find a storage unit for the stuff that's in the truck. I'll be out looking for a new apartment, but in case it takes a while, I want to have my stuff somewhere secure.

One way or another, I'm getting a room tonight. I need to take a long shower, collapse onto clean sheets, and eat delivered pizza while watching TV.

Maybe I'll pick up a tallboy to go with the pizza. Maybe not.

For now I'll just nurse my cup of cold coffee for a little while longer.

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