03 March 2012

Too much sleep, not enough coffee or tunes

Yesterday: snow. Last night: snow blowers, shovels, parking lot plows, city plows. All night. I'd slept most of the day, but managed to get out to get McDonalds at around 2315 or so. Mickey D's was busy, as students stopped by for food either before or between parties. I sat in my usual corner booth, and felt trapped for a bit when a group of ten people or so sat in the booth next to mine. I was blocked in, so I sat and ate my cheeseburgers and basically dealt with it (and played Scrabble on my phone) until they left. I left soon after, since closing time was midnight.

I finally got to sleep around 0500, when the plowing and scraping slowed down, then slept and dreamed for twelve hours. I woke up feeling sore and unbalanced. In the dreams, I was hurt or injured. I woke up feeling much the same. It's normal for me to need an hour or two before I'm feeling steady when I wake up from that much sleep. The soreness was new.

Anyone get the number of that truck that rolled over me while I was sleeping?

I'm exhausted, from sleeping. Caffeine and pizza are on the way. I'll take some aspirin for the soreness. I can feel the beginnings of a headache, which may be from a lack of caffeine today. If diet Dew and aspirin don't do the trick, I have a bottle of Excedrin handy. (Side note: the "migraine" version has exactly the same ingredients as the "extra strength" version, but costs more.)


Listening to some classic rock while writing; Bob Seger, Eddie Money, Tom Petty, Eagles, Steve Miller. Seems to improve my mood lately.


I have a lot in my life that's unfinished right now. There's still stuff in the car that needs to be unpacked, and I need to look at what I have and decide what makes sense to keep and what makes sense to be packed back up and donated. Some things I'm just throwing out even if it's not the best of ideas to do so, just because it's the only way I will ever get rid of them. I have two suitcases, and I'd like to get my collection of clothes down to the point where everything fits exactly in both. I'm not always managing life well, so I'm trying to make the problems smaller as well as getting better at life.

Speaking of which, I have a therapy appointment at the VA this week. I'm looking forward to being back in regularly scheduled therapy, which I'm considering a positive indication. I like going to the VA hospital here, in a strange way. I almost always stop at the canteen (gift shop) for a Kit Kat and a diet Dew. I figure if I'm going to the hospital, I'm sick and therefore I deserve a treat. They usually have cool coffee mugs and hats and such, so I always look at those. Desert Storm stuff is hard to find sometimes, but they make an effort to stock what they can order.


I was thinking I'd have some sort of finishing point for this post, but one isn't presenting itself.
J. Geils Band, take us out....

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