18 March 2012

Suicide Awareness

Bars full of drunk people pretending to be Irish by wearing green shirts and drinking far too much cheap green beer, and yelling way too loud. Nah, thanks. I drank my pint last night, in a quiet neighborhood pizza place.


The other story (from last night) was that the student veterans group here received a request from the newly formed campus suicide awareness group, for someone to speak at an awareness forum. I volunteered. It was a chance to talk about myself, and my life, and how PTSD affects me as a student. It was a chance to hear other people that have thought about, and even attempted suicide.

It was a way to communicate with other people about what goes on inside my head. PTSD (at least for me) can be very isolating. The flashbacks and nightmares and anxiety and everything else is really hard to deal with, and it can be hard to find people who really can understand. Writing helps a great deal. Therapy helps a great deal. Meds help, once you figure out what works. Standing face to face with someone who actually attempted to commit suicide and is now on the Dean's List is powerful stuff. There are students who are not veterans that do understand what we're dealing with-- they've stared down their own death, and so have we.


We need to look out for one another. We're losing too many comrades and classmates.

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  1. I agree funny how there's so many people in the world and yet we still can feel completely alone. Everyone is fighting or has fought some sort of battle. I'm glad you got to share your story and got to hear other peoples as well and how with perseverance and a little hope even against all the odds. ... things can changes:)


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