19 February 2012

Moving sucks.

I'm moved into a new apartment, not far from my old place. The new place is small, just one room, a tiny kitchen, and a shared bathroom. It's a roof over my head though, and I will have an easier time affording it.

Moving was hard. I moved on my own, box by box. I did have some friends who would have helped if they were able; it's midterm season here, so I know many of my friends were busy with that.

It was tiring physically, but it was tiring mentally as well. Many things I own have connections to particular places and times. It was easy to follow those thoughts to the past and stay there for a while instead of packing more stuff. There's also the second guessing, could this have turned out differently? Where did I go wrong to make this necessary? Students don't usually move in mid-February... and on it goes.

I'm tired a lot the past few days. Moving has thrown off my meds and sleep schedules. I might be fighting off a cold from being outside to and from the truck so much this past week.

The move is actually a beginning though- since rent is cheaper, I can get finances in order a bit this spring and summer. I'm talking to my advisor at school about getting back on a normal schedule of classes in fall.

And, I'm hopefully going to live with several other vets in an apartment in fall. Living alone has its advantages, but I think my mental health will be better if I'm not alone as much as I am now.

I suppose you could call right now a period of reorganizing and recharging. Hopefully I'll have the new place set up within a couple more days, and I can work on things from there.

One step and one day at a time, ya know?

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