09 October 2011

It’s Sunday night, which always seems to be a night that’s quiet around here. The weekend in my neighborhood begins on Thursday and ends around the time the sun comes up on Sunday morning.

An ideal Sunday morning for me is cool, even chilly-- the kind of morning where you need to put on a soft and fluffy sweatshirt to ward of the chill. The kind of morning where the air is clear, the sky is so blue it hurts your teeth, and as you stand on the patio watching the city slowly wake up, steam rises from your mug of coffee.

This Sunday morning did not happen. I worked last night until 0100 this morning, turned the lights of around 0230 or so. I don’t remember exactly when, but I do know I took all of my medications before going to bed. Sleep ensued, and I woke up around 1100. It took the normal couple of hours for my brain to warm up enough to be functional. Hunger may have been the spark that threw the switch, as I made my way into the kitchen. My kitchen maintained just enough to make a fresh pot of coffee and either fry eggs or boil noodles.  

The gurgling sounds and steam made by the coffee maker added to the smell of fresh coffee grounds. I’m one of those coffee drinkers that can’t wait for the pot to finish brewing, so Mr. Coffee has a hissy fit of beeping while I fill my mug, replace the pot, and tell the machine to STFU.

Instead of heading out to the porch, I turn my attention to breakfast. The pan is warmed up enough that the non-stick spray is bubbling a little bit. The eggs hit the hot surface, immediately beginning to sizzle.  Now it’s time for the dance- letting those eggs cook just long enough that they’re not soup, but runny enough to soak into my toast. I turn, open the fridge, grab two pieces of bread from the bag they’ve been living in, and drop them on a plate. Time. Slide the spatula under the eggs, flip them over onto the waiting bread. Back to the fridge to get Miracle Whip, suddenly an egg sandwich sounds like a very good idea.

Runny egg sandwich and coffee having been secured, I sit at my desk and open up a web browser to see if the world ended last night or not. Other than trips to the bathroom, I’ve been sitting in that same chair all day. The sun went down and I didn’t notice.

There are many things I could have done today-- pack up my books and laptop and head to the library that’s a block away, or get some exercise and walk to one of the other libraries. I could have gone grocery shopping, cleaned my kitchen, changed the oil in my car, or any number of things that are perfect for doing on a sunny and warm Sunday.

Laundry didn’t get done, because I’m out of quarters. I live less than two blocks from two branches of my credit union, but I didn’t leave the apartment yesterday except for going to work.

Yesterday, Saturday, was the same story, although I did make it to work.

Other than work, I honestly have to think about the last time I let my apartment to go anywhere. I haven't been to class all week. Shit shit shit.

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