14 September 2011

Adventures in getting to class

I take the bus to get to some of my classes; to get to the stop I need, I have to pass by Union South. There were cops outside. A lot of cops, at least compared to the number I usually see. Normal is a car sitting outside. Today was several cars, and several officers milling about- waiting for something, I thought. I knew something was up, but the attitude the police were presenting looked pretty peaceful and I didn't give it a great deal of thought. So that's my trip to the bus stop.

While I'm waiting for the bus, I hear people singing. They're getting closer. Try to imagine being outside an elementary school on the last day of school before summer vacation, when all of the screaming kids are running out. That's what it sounded like. And still, it's getting closer. That's when the police start moving, and blocking traffic. That's also when I see and clearly hear the protesters.

They fill the street. They're carrying some kind of hand written banner that I can't read, and some of them have signs that do nothing to say what they're protesting about. They're chanting and singing something about power to the people. (Are they from the free electricity movement?) They keep singing and chanting, and moving, and pretty soon they've passed.

I don't do random loud noise and I don't do crowds very well.

The experience with the protest march didn't affect me so much on the bus, but later during class I was a little shaky, and I couldn't concentrate for shit. I've gotten better at keeping traumatic events out of my way lately, but finding myself in a completely unplanned loud and potentially tense situation opened the door to thinking about some pretty dark stuff.

My class elected at the beginning to not take a break, and get out of class earlier. Me, I took my own break, walked down the hallway a bit, got a drink of water, calmed down a little. Not completely, but enough to make it through the rest of class.

After class, I walked home. It's about two miles, which isn't bad, but it's enough to get some blood moving. I also managed to stop and get some basic groceries, enough so that I have something to make a sammich with if I get hungry. I think the walk helped settle me down, burn some of that anxiety off.

Sorry, no moral to the story. Another day in the life that belongs to me.

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