13 May 2011

Break? What break?

Spring around here can go from freezing your tail off to sweating in the sun in about the same time it takes to notice that it's mid May. Eventually, though, the trees and plants and such realize that it's not winter anymore. When they finally get with the program, it looks pretty good. 

This is graduation weekend for some people, and those people are making the transition from college to after college. Me, I'm still here. This weekend for me is time to try to get a little rest, try to let my mind settle down, and do laundry. (Meditation is great, but it doesn't get the clothes washed.) I also have to consider what's going to happen with what's left of the semester.

Two classes, I've talked to the professors and they're going to give me an incomplete for those classes-- meaning I get an 'I' on my grade report, and I have until the next regular semester begins to get the work done for the class. As long as I do the work correctly and on time, I'll get the grade I earn over the summer. One class, I took the final exam and didn't do well. I'm going to talk to that professor next week. The remaining class, the professor is leaving my university for somewhere else. That means I need to talk to the Associate Chair of the Math Department, and explain my situation.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed. There are a lot of things, some basic and some not, that did not get done besides my homework this semester. I need to do some GI-style cleaning at home, catch up with some paperwork and clutter, and just get my day to day life in order. Basically, take a very deep breath, exhale very slowly, and then decide which put off things need to get done first.

Then, my semester continues.

Summer here is pretty quiet; while there are a fair number of summer classes offered, there aren't nearly as many people around. It's also somewhat laid back, especially for people that aren't taking (or teaching) classes. Even people doing heavy research work over the summer find time to bike around the lake, cook brats outside, or lay in the grass and look at clouds.

Once I have all of this incomplete grading stuff settled, this is the environment I'll have to work in. I'm actually looking forward to it-- I've taken summer classes before and done well. I am going to approach getting caught up the same way as I did summer school. I will be that guy in the library soaking up air conditioning, back in the corner with the books open every day.

So summer, yes. Vacation, no.

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