21 September 2010

Stuck point.

Today started out ok, with only two classes on my schedule.  During the first class, where I sit in the back row (back against the wall), I can see what a lot of people are doing.  One girl read the paper for the first few minutes of class, and then fell asleep, apparently exhausted by so much exertion before 1000.  Several people with laptops were reading and chatting on Facebook or other websites.  One was updating his fraternity's website and sending out emails reminding the frat to pay attention to academics this semester.  Nice.

Why do you people even get up, get showered, get dressed and come to class?  You had to wake up to get here, why didn't you just stay in bed?  I really find it distracting, because when I see a screen, my eyes have to ask my brain to interpret what's on the screen.  Please, people, if you want to use your laptop to take notes, I'm good with that, but do that.  Facebook will wait.  You're being distracting and you're being impolite.

During that class, the ink cartridge on my Livescribe smartpen ran out, so I had to take notes without it-- which isn't easy now that I've come to rely on the smartpen.  I have the audio of the lecture, though, so I'm going to listen to it and copy my notes into my Livescribe notebook for that class.  Fortunately, that class ended early and I was able to run home and grab another ink cartridge before my next class.  This kind of thing isn't as easy as it sounds; while I was taking notes the old fashioned way, I was looking at the clock, trying to decide if I had enough time between classes to get home and back, or if I'd need to leave my first class early.  I finally decided to leave class a few minutes early, which became a moot point since the class finished early.
In my next class, the professor likes to see if people are paying attention, or ask if people understand a concept, by asking them to clap.  Not repeatedly, just once per question, but sometimes he'll ask a question that has an a, b, c, or d answer, so there will be four different claps.  The clapping is... unnerving.  I don't like that particular kind of noise, although I'd be hard pressed to tell you why it feels threatening, or why it gets worse the more times he asks the class to clap.

I am in general feeling like I'm at a stuck point today; I haven't done any studying today, and I have a long list of things that I really need to get done.  I'm feeling isolated; there are people in my classes that I know, but no one has said "hey- let's study tonight".  I know that what's supposed to happen is that I text or chat them, but it would be honestly nice if someone expressed an interest in being in my presence.  It would be further ok if I just had a regular group of people to study with.  Maybe I'm antisocial.  I don't want to blame myself, because that's never healthy, but I need to do something.

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