30 September 2010

Accomodations for exams

The first of my midterm exams was this week; I think I did all right on that one.  I talked to my professor the first week of class about testing accommodations, and so things went smoothly.  I was in a small conference room with one other student, and a TA acting as proctor.  Technically, my paperwork says I should have a room alone... but one other student who's there for a similar reason and a TA who is also a student, that I can live with.  I've found that being a little flexible helps.

Second of my midterms is next week, and the professor in that class is trying to work out a place for me to take the exam.  There is a testing and evaluation center on campus where I will probably end up taking the exam.  Again, flexibility is a good thing.  There are only so many rooms and only so many people available, and finding the right convergence of place to take the test and someone to administer it requires some communication.

The other classes' midterms aren't looming quiet yet, but next week I need to start reminding those professors.

Overall, my professors and TAs have been bending over backwards to help me get a quiet room for exams.  It took giving myself a shove to get it started, but I'm glad I did.  They've never asked why I need the accommodations... but it's pretty obvious that I'm a veteran, and I'm sure they put two and two together.  In any case, the why has never been an issue.

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