31 August 2010

The storm is coming

I've been cooped up the past few days, dealing with apartment issues; I feel like I can't shut up about the whole moving thing, but tomorrow it's over.  Lease is up, have to be out of the old place by noon.  The hard part is finding a box of stuff, random bits from a particular period of my life, and trying to decide what to throw away.

It took me 20 minutes to decide to throw my softball cleats and glove away-- the cleats were a hand me down gift, the glove was the same one I used in junior high school.  I haven't played softball since spring of 2003, that's seven plus years now?  But it was hard to throw them away.  Softball, and more importantly, beer, gave me something to look forward to every week.  Being drunk was better than dealing with my life. 

I filed for divorce in fall of 2003.

Nope, don't need the softball gear, and if I do I'll buy new stuff.  But I don't expect to need to do that.


I took a walk to the bookstore yesterday to pick up a textbook that I'd ordered.  I was amazed at the number of people that are walking around, and it made me realize that I really have been a hermit this summer.  Most of the work I did to deal with spring semester was in June, and some in July, when no one was really here.  Now, the students that live in the dorms are back, and so are the people like me that live off campus... and there's a lot of people around.

Classes start Thursday; so tomorrow and Wednesday, I'm going to try to make it a point to walk around where the crowds are, and get myself used to the idea of traveling in a herd again.  At the start of spring semester, I was just thrown in, and hadn't had much time to think about what I was doing-- this semester, I have a plan, a method... but like all battle plans, once the (metaphorical) bullets fly, everything changes.


The veterans group on campus has a kickoff meeting coming up the week after classes start, and I'm looking forward to being there.  I'm not an officer; this semester I really have to concentrate on academics.  I still want to be involved, though.


I need some sleep.  I have to be up fairly early to go turn in the keys to the old apartment, take the last off the stuff out of the basement, go shopping for household stuff I need, and get some laundry done.

The calm before the storm, perhaps.

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