26 August 2010

New noises

I've been feeling a little like the blog isn't living up to it's title recently; too much about moving to a new place, too much about relationships and social stuff and not enough about the down-in-the-trenches PTSD stuff.  Then again, these are issues that make a difference.  A small thing outside of classes, some normal everyday thing, can be a trigger that affects how you feel in classes months down the road.  That being said, hearing about my new apartment may not be what you need to help you when you're not able to sleep, are angry all the time, and you have classes starting next week and your GI Bill is hosed.

I'm not a therapist.  I'm not even a psych major.  I'm a patient.  I'm figuring out things as I go along, same as you.   So, I'm going to talk about the new apartment a little bit more.  It does relate, really.
I've started getting in the neighborhood of eight hours of sleep a night-- I don't have anywhere in particular to be in the morning, since the fall semester hasn't started yet.  I'm also trying, with some success and some failure, to be in bed by 0100 every night.  The plan is that since my earliest class is going to be at 0850, that will have me in the habit of getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  Two nights a week I'll be working until midnight, but living so close I'll be home by 0010 and still have some time to wind down, get ready for the next day, and actually get to bed.

I am slowly getting used to the new apartment.  My last apartment was in the city, but it was on a residential street that didn't really go anywhere unless you lived in the neighborhood.  Now I'm on a street that carries a lot more traffic.  It's used by people commuting to and from campus, as well as being a connector between different areas of the city.  There's a lot more foot and bike traffic, too.  When I look out the window, I almost always see some sort of activity, and even with the windows closed there's always a little bit of noise.

There's also a fire station just down the street, so sirens aren't unusual.  I was really impressed by the engine company last night, who waited until they were past the block or so of student housing where I live before kicking in the sirens.  Fire and police sirens are supposed to make you take notice, but they still cause me to jump a little and wonder what's wrong.

Finally, the building itself makes some noise; AC units, the laundry room, doors closing, the elevator, the underground parking garage door.  It's not "noisy", but there is more noise here.  There are also many different noises that I didn't have at the old place.  It takes some getting used to the new noises and sounds.  There's times I hear something, and even if I can't immediately identify the source, I have to remind myself that it's just a noise.

It takes some getting used to, though.

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