25 August 2010

Moving: the last stage

Moving, if you haven't moved in a while, can be difficult-- not only does stuff accumulate over time, but if you're not terribly organized you end up with a lot of paperwork to sort through.  The last time I moved, I was in the midst of a divorce and the beginnings of a bankruptcy.  There was a lot of paperwork that I wasn't sure if I should save, and didn't want to throw anything away where it could be found by, well, anyone.  The plan was to shred it all, but given a choice between shredding paperwork and doing anything else, which would you choose?

The problem with handling all of this paperwork now is that I have to actually look at it to see if it's something that I do need to keep.  The obvious stuff I don't want to see is the paperwork from the divorce the foreclosure, and the bankruptcy.  The less obvious, and the stuff I didn't expect to be a problem, was the little bits of information that life creates (and paranoid people don't shred right away).  A receipt here and there that reminded me of a person (or people), an event, an encounter, a place, a feeling, a thought-- real life hyperlinks to the past.  Unwanted links.

And, it's difficult.  There are times when I have to put the pile of papers down in favor of cleaning the bathroom, or the refrigerator.   Cleaning the old apartment is part of moving, too.

The lesson in all this?  There are a lot of events that can be shredded and forgotten about, and more that should be shredded and forgotten about.  Identity theft concerns, yes.  In a broader sense, it's important to keep some stuff from the past-- but most of it, take the lessons you've (hopefully) learned and the wisdom you've (hopefully) gained and do something with it.  Shred and throw the rest of the crap out.

The whole moving process is almost done-- I still have a few things to move, and still have cleaning to do.  I still have organizing and getting rid of stuff to do at the new apartment, but it's all close to being really done.

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