05 August 2010

It may be hot, but summer's still fading...

Some typing up of loose ends, from previous posts:

I've secured a Livescribe Pulse on loan from my university's disability resource center, for the rest of summer and the entire fall semester.  They're including the full-sized notebooks and ink cartridges, too.
Expect to hear more about the smartpen a week or so into September, once I've used it for a while with live classes and studying.  (I expect that I won't be able to shut up about it.)


The first couple of weeks of August are being taken up with work, where I've been picking up some extra hours to cover moving expenses, and of course packing boxes.  It's a little overwhelming at times.  I've been going through boxes that I never unpacked when I moved here, so I've come across some letters and such that I haven't looked at in years.  My shredder's been working overtime.  I have found a few things that I didn't realize I still had, so there have been good surprises as well.


I've been driving to work (on campus) and paying for parking more than I've been taking the bus.  I know, I should be saving the $5.00, which adds up.  But the bus is slow, it doesn't run late enough some nights to get me home, and honestly some of the people on the bus really scare me. 


Walking across campus to work yesterday, I got caught up in a herd of freshmen and parents taking the campus orientation tour for about a block.  They've been crossing campus all summer-- there are over 10,000 new freshmen headed to campus at the end of the month, so it takes all summer to get them all through orientation.  Me, I'll be moving to my one-block-from-campus apartment the same week that they're all moving in, or back, to campus.

Gonnnnna be interesting.

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