17 August 2010

A few quick notes...

Moving starts tomorrow; headed to the new apartment to pick up the keys in the morning.  I'm completely ungrounded at the moment, with most of my stuff packed up in boxes waiting to be moved. I've come to dread the drive home after work; by the time I'm a few blocks from campus, I feel like I'm leaving home, even though I'm going home.  (That'll be different after moving is done.)  So much to do, so little time.  Even with help, it'll probably take me until Saturday to get everything moved.
I'm picking up another Livescribe Pulse smartpen tomorrow, on loan for the fall semester.  I will not be doing anything that involves lectures for a couple of weeks yet, so expect to hear more about that in September.
I've been doing some additional training at work, and my job responsibilities are being expanded.  I expected this to happen maybe next year sometime, not before the summer ended.  I'm feeling good about that.  I enjoy my time spent at work, and it's nice to be recognized.
My advice to you (and to me) for heading (back) to school this semester: Don't treat this like a deployment, because it's not something temporary where you're counting days until it ends and you can fly home.  Use the work ethic of a deployment, use the stubbornness, use the determination, yes.  But use those things to make the most of every day, and be where you are.  College is home and home is college.

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