02 July 2010

I get a Pulse Smartpen on loan next week (happy dance)

I am meeting next week with the Notetaking Coordinator at my university's disability resource center.  During the meeting, I'll receive about an hour of training on using a Livescribe Smartpen for taking notes in classes.  Then, I'll be able to take it home for a few weeks to get accustomed to using it.  I'll probably end up buying one, and I've discovered that I can apply for an adaptive technology scholarship to help with at least part of the purchase price.

I've talked about getting one of these before now, and I'll probably write more about using it once I have one. 

I wouldn't be writing about getting one of these at all if I hadn't done the right things over the past couple of years.  I'm a disabled student now (according to the university) because I was able to provide documentation of my PTSD diagnosis and treatment at the VA hospital.  While you can get lots of different kinds of assistance as a student, you have to actually be disabled and able to document it, to get help as a disabled student.  This means that you have to go through the process of asking for help, and working through the therapy and all that goes with it, which is kinda scary.  I didn't know there was such a process to go through, which is why I'm telling you, now.  If you're having issues with PTSD and school, go get help.  Doing so will make your life better, and give you opportunities for help beyond just therapy.

Yes, you can go to Best Buy and buy a Smartpen on your own, take it home, and learn how to use it.  You do not need to have or be diagnosed with PTSD to make use of technology to do better in your classes.

The broader concept is that while having one of these will make it easier for me to deal with note taking and actually using my notes to learn new things, this is only one step in the process.  There is mo magic wand that can take away the classroom challenges that PTSD creates.  Yes, this will be a tool that will help me take better notes, and more importantly make use of those notes.   When I do better in my classes next semester, having this tool will be a factor.  It is the cognitive therapy, the doing research on my own, asking for help in classes, tutoring, and learning better study skills that will make it possible for the tool to be useful.

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  1. good for you....this sounds like its an exciting development...keep us updated


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