22 June 2010

Go play outside.

There are the days you spend on a bike, pedaling for a little over an hour around a lake.  Seeing the suburban neighborhoods with landscaped lawns and pruned trees, the industrial buildings, that power plant, and finally the skyline of the city from across the water.  Being out of breath at the top of the hills, and keeping on anyway.  At the end of the ride, feeling better, both physically and mentally, just for having done the ride.

There are the weekends when you put the laptop away for a few days, in favor of tools that make more sense at a campsite-- an ax, a tent stake mallet, a camp stove, a frying pan.  Matches, bug spray, a flashlight.  The smell of a campfire, sounds of bugs and birds, sleeping on the ground.  Fussing over the tent stakes, policing up the twigs on the ground, sweeping out the tent for the third time today.  Tending the fire, stocking firewood.   Campsite having been secured, opening a cold beer and sitting down. 

There are goodies like strong coffee and pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast at noon on a Tuesday, and a bike that whispers "Hey.  It's sunny outside and we don't have to work today."

Go play outside.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller.

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