06 May 2010

Paperwork!!! And some good news...

Today I have a happy story about paperwork.

I've written before about having problems concentrating, and have probably mentioned that I have all kinds of trouble concentrating while taking exams (especially final exams). Earlier in the semester, I talked to both a counselor from school and my doctor at the VA, who both agreed that PTSD can seriously and negatively affect a person's concentration during exams.

So, I started the process to request that I be allowed to take all of my exams in quiet rooms by myself. At my university, that process is a candle that burns at both ends. There's paperwork that I have to fill out at the disability resource center, and there's paperwork that I have to take to my doctor that she has to fill out. This process takes time; my doctor is only at the mental health clinic once a week, and I needed an appointment to get in to talk to her, then she had to do some research in my records to make sure she filled out her portion properly. Then I had to wait for that to be evaluated, and wait more to talk to a counselor at the disability resource center.

Today the wait ended. I got in to see the counselor, who filled out the required forms and gave me a completed form that says the university recognizes my PTSD as a disability, and recommends that I be allowed to take tests by myself in a quiet room.

Now, I have to talk to all of my professors, and find a way to take three different final exams in different places then where they're scheduled. The week before finals. ACK!


  1. Yay for you being allowed to take your tests in a quiet room... and don't stress too badly about the logistics of the location of your three exams, celebrate your victory before you move on to the next hurdle.

    You can only eat the elephant one bite at a time :0)

  2. I've been pleasantly surprised; all of my professors have been very helpful in making arrangements, even with the requests coming right before finals.

    Speaking of finals... back to the books...


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