31 March 2010

If you could do it all over again...

...would you? What would you different, if you could change anything this time?

Can you do it all over again? You can't go back to the start of the semester and retroactively change things, do things you didn't do, undo things you did do. All you can do is keep going. Spring is a time of renewal; it gets warm and sunny outside, things bloom and grow, etc. Spring break is a week off to do what you want, what you haven't done all semester, what you need to do. It's R&R.

On Monday, the semester continues. It does not start over. Whatever issues you faced last week are waiting for you to deal with next week. Maybe some of them have been resolved over the break and maybe some haven't, and probably there are some of each. As a student, you don't get to start over with a clean slate. That's not how it works.

You do have a choice as a student: on Monday morning, you can walk into that first class with the same attitude as you had when you walked out of your last class a week ago. Or... you can make it up as you go, start with a new outlook, a new plan. Get a haircut. Do things differently. Sit in a different desk in every class. Listen to Oingo Boingo even if you're the only person within 50 miles and 10 (20?) years who does. Talk to people you didn't even know were in your classes until now. Make a plan for the semester that runs from the end of spring break to the end of finals. Take it one, and only one, day at a time. Make the most of the rest of the semester, and let that be that.

Dealing with the fallout from a meltdown is nothing new. Been there before.

Then there's the future, which begins in the present.

It's a 45 minute bus ride to campus, not counting the time you spend waiting for the bus. That's 45+ minutes it takes to get to the libary, or 45+ minutes earlier you have to leave campus to get home in time to sleep. It's also having to say "No, I can't study here until midnight, I have to go home." Campus social events are also either a 45+ minute ride away, restricted by the schedule of the last bus home being at 2330; or they're a drive and a parking fee away. It's like living on another planet. (It's one thing to be a commuter at a commuter college. Being a commuter at a real college sucks.)

So while I can't do this entire semester over, I can make the most of each remaining day of the semester. My work schedule is much better (weekends off the rest of the way), and one of my classes is done (along with its weekly assignments). I've also signed a lease on a new place to live starting in September, which is literally minutes away from everywhere I need to find myself.

Especially the library.


  1. it’s a great information for me. thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for your feedback-- hope all goes well for you.


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