02 January 2010

Winter break

Ahhhh, winter break.

Well, it's a working break-- I still have two jobs, and both continue through the time between semesters. I've also been doing some self paced training that relates to the classes I might be taking two weeks from now.

My sleep pattern, or circadian rhythm, or whatever it's called, is all effed up. I work mostly swing shifts from 1600ish to 0000, and generally have nothing on my schedule during the day. So I'm up until the early morning and sleep until late morning. One would think that this would be a good schedule; mostly free from stress for the moment, flexible, getting enough sleep even if it's at odd hours. Time to do stuff for fun, pursue some hobbies, and actually relax a little. I know it's good for me, I know it's healthy to take a break, but I'm getting restless. Tired and stressed though I may be during a semester, there's only so much relaxation a person can take. I'm missing school already, and I have two weeks of break left.

Remember I said that when I post how stressed and triggered I am once classes start. ;)

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