08 November 2009

Already? We just finished Halloween

The "Black Friday" madness is already started, meaning the holiday season isn't that far away. Let's set aside the concerns of classes, finals, and graduation-- for just a moment-- and think about that a little. Most people are worried to some degree about things like picking names, shopping for gifts, travel to see family, work and social parties, or some combination of those traditional Christmas things to do. Christmas, and in fact the entire holiday season (which seems to start earlier every year), is often stressful.

At this point, it would be appropriate to write something meaningful about PTSD and the holidays. I will not, however, since most everything that needs to be said about PTSD and this time of year has already been written.

Read these two posts.

1. Patience Mason's PTSD and Holidays

2. Patience Mason's "Can't you be normal for just one day?"; More thoughts on PTSD and Holidays

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