14 September 2009

Forward, in the frustrating direction

Ever notice, how if you google around for "ptsd" and "college", you don't find much? I've found lots of pages that define what PTSD is, what the symptoms are, what kind of treatment you should look for, etc.-- but I never seem to find the page that says "Look-- if you're sitting at home alone and can't seem to get your mind focused on studying, here's something specific you can do that might help."

You can get treatment, you can know the symptoms, you can have tools for dealing with them, and sometimes things still don't work quite right.

Now, it's not all bad-- before I was done having problems the past week or so, I was already thinking about ways that I can do better. Going on is not a question-- I'm definitely going to keep moving forward. I do have adjustments to make, and knowing and being willing to make them is a whole lot better than the way I used to see things.

But it ain't always easy, this college thing.

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