15 March 2009


I'm sitting at home, alone.

I have a lot of important stuff to do, and time to do it-- nothing else is on my schedule until work tomorrow morning.

I've honestly wasted all afternoon looking at crap on the net that doesn't do me any good to look at.

I'm sitting at home-- alone-- not getting done what I need (and want) to get done.

The definition of being stuck: 13. to bring to a standstill; render unable to proceed or go back (usually used in the passive): The car was stuck in the mud. (

I'm stuck. Right here. This is where I've always been stuck before, this same spot, this place where if I go any farther, it means that I'm more successful than I've ever been. If I take another step, it means that I'm one step farther away from everything in the past. One more goddamn step.

Just one step. Rise, phoenix, rise. Get up. Rise!

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