31 March 2009

Progress, and overheating

Been doing a lot of work with looking at beliefs about trauma, and then looking at other things that are (or feel) traumatic. In fact, I've been extending that to anything that's difficult, in the sense that I feel the PTSD symptoms in the same way when I encounter these things. I have a framework for focusing my energy, which has been helping a great deal.

I'm also working on re-working my support network a bit. There's a point where some things aren't working, and some things are, and so the overall network has to be tweaked a little here and there (more later on that).

At this point, I'm just really worn out-- getting this far has been a lot of work, classes, PTSD treatment, and just life in general. It's not PTSD right now so much as I need some time to recover, reorient, and reget my ass back on track and moving forward. (I've been moving forward this whole time, but I need to maybe move over a lane for a while and let the radiator get back to a decent operating temperature.) Those 12 hour shifts in the desert have nothing on my days lately.

Might be that I just need a break longer than 15 minutes.

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