19 February 2009

Another day in the desert

I spent today, or at least most of it, in the desert.

(Side note: those of you who nowadays think you're badass fobbits never had a room boy from Bangladesh iron your uniforms for you every morning, shine your boots, and have breakfast and Turkish coffee waiting for you when you woke up, now, did ya. Okay, back to today's program.)

I work in a stressful environment-- it's not that the work is hard, it's actually too easy. When I have easy, mindless, boring work to do, my mind is free to wander around whereever it wants. Today, it wandered off to the desert and drove the imaginary Land Rover around Riyadh all damn day. I even had to ask myself a few times, hey, where the hell are you? You ain't here. You're in the desert.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when your brain is in Riyadh in 1990/1 and your body is in Madison in 2009, it makes it hard to get anything accomplished.

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