09 January 2009

That copier is going down, down down

I suppose I'm feeling a little better, some days. There are still things that really, really, really get to me. At work, I sit next to a photocopier. At times, like yesterday, it runs constantly for hours at a time. Headphones don't cover it up, and I can't ask people to not use it because, well, it's work and they're just working. But it drives me insane. Work is already a stress packed environment (a room of unhappy people sharing their problems), and having loud repeating mechanical sounds to listen to just makes it worse. I can't make it go away and I can't remove myself from it. I can't concentrate on anything. Which makes me more anxious because a) I don't like being trapped and not having control of the situation and b) not concentrating means I'm not getting much work done, which is at some point going to be a problem.

No, I can't shoot the effin' copy machine. They'll just fix it or bring a new one. I already thought of that. (!)

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